In most cases I work on a fixed-fee basis, which means you know up front how much you will pay for my work. If your case is not suitable for a fixed fee, then I will provide you with a quote based on my hourly rate of £180.00 plus VAT. In either case, the quote will be within the range of fees set out below.

Fees guide (fees are subject where applicable to VAT at 20%)

First consultation: £100.00 fixed fee

Settlement applications

Settlement visa or leave to remain: £720.00 – £1,800.00

Additional dependant applying at the same time: £250.00 fixed fee

Indefinite leave to remain: £720.00 – £1,800.00

Points-Based System

Tier 1 (Investor): £1,200.00 – £1,800.00

Tier 1 (Entrepreneur): £1,200.00 – £1,800.00

Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur): £900.00 – £1,200.00

Skilled Worker: £540.00 – £720.00

Student: £360.00 – £720.00

PBS dependant applying at the same time: £250.00 fixed fee

European applications

Family permit or travel permit: £360.00 – £720.00

Settled Status application: £180.00 – £360.00

Applications on private and family life grounds

Application for leave to remain: £720.00 – £1,800.00


First-Tier Tribunal grounds of appeal: £360.00 – £720.00

Preparation for Tribunal hearing: £540.00 – £1,800.00

Judicial Review letter before action: £360.00 – £540.00

Application for Judicial Review: £360.00 – £1,800.00

Additional information about fees and costs

For most applications my quoted fee will cover my work in preparing your application for submission to the Home Office. This includes things like filling in the application form, preparing documents, and writing to the Home Office. After the application has been submitted I will give you a fresh quote if you need further advice. For Court or Tribunal work, I will advise you about what is covered when I provide a quote.

As well as my fees you may also have to pay other costs such as application fees, translation costs, Court or Tribunal fees for an appeal or Judicial Review, and the Immigration Health Surcharge. You may need to pay for a barrister to represent you at an appeal hearing. I will notify you of any costs that apply to your case when you instruct me, and as the case progresses.

Please note that unfortunately I cannot carry out work funded by Legal Aid.

If you would like more information about my charges, or any of the other costs that you might have to pay as part of your immigration or citizenship application please contact me.     

Kitty Falls

Tel: 07752 722 292