Legal aid and pro bono

Legal advice can be expensive: in some cases you might be eligible for legal aid in your immigration case.

I do not have a legal aid certificate, so I cannot provide advice under the legal aid scheme.

You might be able to get legal aid for immigration advice about:

  • Applications and appeals in asylum cases
  • Challenges to immigration detention
  • Applications and appeals under the domestic violence immigration rules
  • Applications and appeals under the rules for trafficking, slavery or forced labour
  • Proceedings before the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (“SIAC”)
  • Judicial review applications in most cases

If you need free legal advice about your immigration matter, you can search for an adviser with a legal aid certificate using the following online search service:

If you cannot find an adviser, but still need help with your immigration case, I do represent a small number of clients without charge (“pro bono”). However, as a sole practitioner I am limited to working only one or two pro bono cases at a time, so I cannot guarantee that I will be able to accept your case on this basis.

In all cases I am usually able to agree a fixed fee in advance for any given piece of work: my fees page shows typical price ranges.

I am also usually able to agree a payment plan so that you can pay my fees in instalments.

Please contact me if you would like to know more about my fees and payment options.

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