£308 to start your new job? Extra hurdle for some young adults with ILR

A client has drawn my attention to a change in the list of acceptable “right to work” documents that has added an extra cost to starting out in the world of work.

Biometric residence permits have been issued for indefinite leave to remain since 2012. Before that, indefinite leave to remain was issued as a sticker in your passport. A non-biometric residence permit is now only acceptable if it is contained in a current passport. Look, for example, at the Home Office guidance to employers on “Acceptable right to work documents”.

If you were granted ILR before 2012 as a child, it is quite likely that your residence permit is in the form of a sticker in an expired passport.

Before you start your first job, you will need to apply for a biometric residence permit for a fee of £308. Alternatively you could apply for citizenship, for a fee of £936 (if you are still a minor) or £1,236 (if you are applying as an adult for naturalisation).

The reason this seems particularly unfair to young adults is that their access to immigration or citizenship applications depends on their having adults who will help them and, in most cases, fund them.

If you have a question about registering or naturalising as a British citizen, or about the right to work in the UK, you can contact me.

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