Immigration Health Surcharge will increase in January 2024

The Immigration Health Surcharge will increase on or after 16 January 2024, the Government has announced in the draft Immigration (Health Charge) (Amendment) Order 2023. The charge will go up on the later of 16 January 2024, or 21 days after the Order is made.

The Immigration Health Surcharge for adults currently costs £624 per year and will increase to £1,035 per year. The charge for children, students and student dependents, and youth mobility workers is currently £470 per year and will increase to £770 per year.

The impact of the increase will be felt most immediately by those applying for long-term visas, and those bringing family dependants to the UK with them:

The immigration health surcharge for a visa as the partner of a British or settled person will go up from £1,872 to £3,105.

The charge for a 5-year UK Ancestry visa will increase from £3,125 to £5,175.

A sponsored Skilled Worker on a 3-year visa with a partner and two children will see an increase from £6564 ((£624 x 3) x 2) + ((£470) x 3) x 2) to £10,830 ((£1035 x 3) x 2) + ((£770 x 3) x 2)).

You do not need to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge if you are applying for a visa that will last 6 months or less.

Some visa categories are exempt from the charge, including the Health and Care visa, EU Settlement Scheme, and applications for indefinite leave to remain.

In some cases, a fee waiver is available. However, this is mostly limited to applicants in family routes.

Please contact me for more information about the Immigration Health Surcharge and how your application might be affected by the increase.

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